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No coincidence that this happened around the same time as Atlanta Airport’s press release about HERideHmmmm

May 2024 Lyft Screenshots

It would take FOREVER to try to explain what I was capturing at the moment I took these screenshots, but you are invited to look at each one carefully and draw your own conclusions. 

The Weekly Breakdown screen now shows the “external fees”  (commercial insurance and taxes billed to the rider), and how much Lyft fees are (at the bottom of their “earnings commitment”)

$471.58 – $149.63 – $43.40 =

$278.55 – My Earnings for 27 Trips covering 268.57 miles


Aside from “guaranteeing” at least 70% of rider fares; the amount each trip pays per miles is now being shown

More Details to Make Better Decisions

Upfront Prices and Rate Card

Explanation of Screenshots Below

When I accepted the 6/3 1:03PM trip (first screenshot), the Upfront pay was $11.26 and $.095/mile.  The reason this trip was significantly longer is because traffic on I-285 was at a standstill.  The destination was Exit 51-Bouldercrest and we were slowing down a few hundred feet from Exit 44 – Covington Hwy.  

Knowing how to maneuver in Atlanta (avoiding highway traffic, by any means necessary, if possible) is appreciated and I believe, a key to a great rideshare experience.  This trip included Covington Hwy, Memorial Drive, Columbia Drive, Panthersville Road, River Road, and finally turned left to get to the first right off Bouldercrest Road.  An unseasoned or new driver would have probably been stuck, for however long, in that traffic; or may have finally figured out how to find an alternate route.

In the screenshot showing the details of the trip, clicking “Compare to estimated” above the map reveals the “Ride details” at the bottom.

In the second screenshot, it shows the “Earnings” breakdown. The rider was billed $32.69.  From that amount, external fees (which are “estimated commercial auto insurance & other expenses” of $11.99, and “taxes & gov’t fees” of $0.58) are deducted.  

$11.99 + $0.58 = $12.57.  

Also deducted is Lyft’s fee of $2.25 + $12.57 = $14.82. 

$32.69 – $14.82 = $11.26, the amount Lyft paid out for this 50 minutes trip.  The additional $6.61 is supposedly the pay for the ride being “significantly longer”.

Now, let’s look at what the rider would have paid for the same trip using HERide, and what I would have earned.

First, the time to pickup that Lyft claims we’re being paid is really irrelevant because HERide bills based on actual minutes and miles of the trip, not an estimate.  And because metro Atlanta is huge, and drivers need time to get to wherever the pickup destination may be, HERide encourages pre-booking so that drivers have adequate time to get to you at the time you requested.

Second, the actual trip was 46 minutes x $.016/minute = $7.36 and 21.24 miles x $0.84 = $17.84

$17.84 + $7.36 = $25.20 HERide Rider Price

$25.20 x .$0.80 = $20.16 HERide Driver Earnings

$25.20 x $.020 = $5.04 HERide App Commission

Based on the above, you can decipher what is going on with the screenshots for the 6/4 5:14AM trip below.  

The Upfront pay was $11.64, but I was paid $18.56 because the rider left a tip of $6.92.  WHO tips in odd amounts?  You cannot convince me that Lyft (and Uber) aren’t taking a percentage of driver tips. JS

As for how much this trip would have been on HERide . . . I’ll let you do the math for yourself!

To see a quick demo, click below to open videos in a new tab/window and freely share them!

Checking Fares

Comparing Lyft Scheduled to HERide

Clear Math is Possible

Now download the HERide app (if you have NOT already done so), and then share your own Referral/Invite code. 

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So, feel free to TIP your rideshare and HERide driver, Anita Johnson.  Every moment not “driving for dollars” results in a lot of time to do any and everything, but no money is made immediately.  Rideshare drivers are out here for the money.  Why else would we drive people from Point A to Point B in the ATL?  🙂

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An unlikely "full-time" rideshare driver who has safely completed 11,670 Uber trips in Metro Atlanta since August 2016, and 2,828 Lyft trips since 2021. My interest in rideshare driver earnings began due to Uber's 2017 decision to change driver payout from 80%, then 75%, to mileage and minutes rates when riders were given Upfront Pricing. In 2022, Uber came up with Upfront Fares for drivers, which is significantly less than what drivers were earning in 2016. Driving for HERide since September 2022 has been exciting, and a refreshing breath of fresh air that Atlanta needs to know about!