What You Do Not Know

Originally posted on June 6, 2019 @ 3:26 PM

Every driver has the same goal . . . MAKE THAT MONEY!  If there was no money to be made, neither Uber nor Lyft would exist because no one would drive strangers from point A to B.

Uber and Lyft’s brilliant marketing scheme built their ‘work force’ . . . Drivers.  But drivers are not benefiting like we were led to believe.  And the public has been misled, not to mention riders being overcharged.

There are several issues. 

  1. Drivers are NOT making what we signed up for percentage wise.  It was advertised as 80% to the driver and 20% to Uber in 2016.   Within 3 months after I started driving, Uber changed the game to be 75% to us and 25% to them.  When you watch the video below, you’re going to know they are keeping WAY more than 25%.
  2. Uber changed the surge from being a multiplier (1x; 2x; 3x, etc.) to exact dollar amounts (for instance, $1.25; $2.00 or $3.50).  This is known as the “flat rate surge” referenced in the video below.  The dollar amounts are arbitrary and increase by .25 cents.  The ONLY good thing about the ‘new surge’ is if we drive through a surge zone, even if we leave it without a trip, we’ll get that surge amount added to our next trip.
  3. Uber is now hiding the surge from drivers!  We are not seeing heat maps or red shaded areas nearly as much as we used to.  But riders are being charged surge when we cannot see there is a surge.

Riders and the public need to know you are all mistaken if you think drivers are making ‘good money’.

That may have been true at the beginning of Uber and Lyft, but every driver who has been on the platform longer than 6 months to a year, KNOWS their earnings have been tampered with, and us seasoned drivers have seen our earnings cut several times.

This Is What Is Happening

I personally think it started when Upfront Pricing was started by Uber in late 2017.  I was so ticked off, I wrote a 22 page ebook that I may or may not update since SO MUCH has changed.

But if you still don’t understand why drivers always want to protest (and riders should be justifiably concerned), please listen to this man who knows ALL things Uber/Lyft, and look at the screenshots carefully in this video.  I found it moments after he posted it, and have watched in disbelief three times already.


So . . . I keep wondering . . .

What Are Drivers Supposed To Do?  What Can Riders and the Public Do?

I don’t really know.  For me, though, I think I discovered a possible solution.  It would be quicker to implement than trying to organize drivers to get Uber or Lyft to do anything in favor of drivers.

And I truly believe what I have been writing about throughout this updated site would definitely be more profitable for drivers and save riders money. 

Go ahead.  Get the information for yourself by reading what’s been written here so you can make an informed decision.  If nothing else, or this isn’t for you, please be kind enough to share this site with someone else.

A driver somewhere is looking for a solution. Send that person here to read what I’m sharing for the benefit of all.

Thank you!

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