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Originally posted on November 11, 2023 @ 9:28 AM

I'm Back!

HERide offered an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas to the driver who completed the most number of trips by the end of 2023. 

Guess who was surprised in January 2024 by finding out she won?

In November, when this post was first published, it had been over 6 months since I last wrote anything on this site.  I decided to drive from NOLA to Atlanta to help promote, participate in HERide events, drive, and help find other interested female drivers. 

The Case Study Driving Uber, Lyft and HERide in Atlanta, November 9-25 shows the numerical results of that experiment and ought not be missed!

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And here are a few pieces of information that I know will benefit someone who is looking for something better.  

  1. The option to choose/save a favorite driver is available after your first trip.
  2. Instant access to earnings is now available.
  3. Breaking News from the Associate Press (AP) (and other news outlets, just Google to find)
Associated Press Release
Associated Press News Release, Page 2

Also, because HERide did a few days of new sign ups of arriving passengers on their way to the rideshare pick up zones at the airport, I thought a quick summary of the 6 trips I did in the first two days, might motivate some people.

Thursday, November 9th:

4 trips from the airport
3 hours and 3 minutes driving 117.79 miles
Earned $125.62

Friday, November 10th:

2 trips from the airport
1 hour 28 minutes driving 98.68 miles
Earned $88.92 (included a $20 tip for the last trip that ended in Kennesaw)

Screenshots with details of each trip can be found on the post, “HERide Trip Details

Saturday and Sunday:  The intent was to drive both days, but I was compelled to write this post.  And other parts of the site needed updating. So, when I get online, I lose track of time and refuse to stop whatever needs doing until it’s done.  Unfortunately, that takes time away from Driving for Dollars, which is immediate and daily money.  The only reason to do rideshare as a driver, in my opinion.

Anyway, here’s a recent podcast for you to learn more about Jillian Anderson, HERide Founder

To learn anything else HERide related, feel free to scroll my Facebook feed for recent information that I probably haven’t yet added (or may not add) to the site.

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P.S.  I’m fairly certain you will find value in the content presented here because it doesn’t exist anywhere else.  It is my personal experience as a rideshare driver in Atlanta since August 2016.  This site was created during Easter 2017 and has found new life since finding HERide.

So, feel free to TIP your rideshare and HERide driver, Anita Johnson.  Every moment not “driving for dollars” results in a lot of time to do any and everything, but no money is made immediately.  Rideshare drivers are out here for the money.  Why else would we drive people from Point A to Point B in the ATL?  🙂

Appreciate Your Support as We ALL Do Better in Rideshare! 

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