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Claimed HERide Pre-Book in app's Unassigned Bookings
Example of a Pre-Booked Trip in Driver App

This example is shown because Uber and Lyft airport trips do NOT pay Atlanta drivers what I earned for this trip. Furthermore, I’ve heard that Uber and Lyft riders are being charged more than what HERide charges for trips to, or from, the airport.

The dollar amount is what the rider pays and the driver earns 80%. Note the pickup date, time, addresses, trip miles, and number of riders.

HERide Airport Signage

Besides, Atlanta's traffic is NOT for the faint of heart.

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Comparing Lyft Scheduled Trip to HERide
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South Terminal Signage
South Terminal Signage

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Anita Johnson

An unlikely "full-time" rideshare driver who has safely completed 11,670 Uber trips in Metro Atlanta since August 2016, and 2,828 Lyft trips since 2021. My interest in rideshare driver earnings began due to Uber's 2017 decision to change driver payout from 80%, then 75%, to mileage and minutes rates when riders were given Upfront Pricing. In 2022, Uber came up with Upfront Fares for drivers, which is significantly less than what drivers were earning in 2016. Driving for HERide since September 2022 has been exciting, and a refreshing breath of fresh air that Atlanta needs to know about!