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If you haven’t yet gone through various sections of this website, or you wonder who I am, or why I created this website in the first place, About & Why is a good place to start.  The Historical Data page contains various news articles (negative press in 2017 and beyond) about Uber.  And the Imagine page are my thoughts and observations about driving in Atlanta, and how the new rideshare app, HERide, can potentially improve the rideshare experience for everyone.

Because I am an independent contractor who drives for Uber, Lyft and HERide, I am “shouting from the rooftops” that HERide is the superior app in so many ways, as documented throughout this site.  And I confess to being an unsolicited, enthusiastic advocate for improving the rideshare industry by highlighting upcoming rideshare competitors who pay drivers better, while saving riders money.

On Sunday night, March 10th, I drove from New Orleans to Atlanta, to explicitly drive for, and promote HERide.  I posted this to Facebook from my sister’s driverway, as I turned off “God’s Favor” (my car).

FB post March 11, 2024

Here are a few key points for people who choose HERide:

  • HERide is actively recruiting and onboarding interested women drivers who will earn 80% of the riders’ fare.  Riders are typically saving money with HERide and when they download the app, they can easily do a cost comparison when entering the pickup and drop off addresses.
  • When requesting a ride, please PRE-BOOK instead of Book Now because HERide drivers are subject to be anywhere in the Metro, and most likely NOWHERE near where you are when you want to be picked up.  Pre-booking is also recommended to ensure that a driver will be available at the time you need to be picked up.
  • HERide is not like the other two rideshare companies who have millions of drivers on their platforms (yet).  That means, if you do Book Now, the closest drivers with their app ON will get the trip request.  Remember, drivers could be on Uber/Lyft trips; at home; asleep; living life; etc., so their apps are NOT ON, and thus you will see “No Drivers” when you want to book right away like you do with Uber/Lyft.
  • Until HERide reaches at least 1,000 active drivers, you more than likely will be waiting longer for a HERide driver to get to you if you Book Now.  That’s why Pre-Book is recommended so there’s no waiting; a driver will be where you need to be picked up at the time you specified.
  • It would be wise to add 10-15 minutes to your travel time because this is Atlanta (and something is happening on the roads somewhere that is going to impact or delay your trip).  I use Waze to help me get anywhere on time by setting my arrival time to be 15 minutes before the actual time, so if I’m dawdling at the house, or there is a traffic issue, I won’t be late.  If riders did the same, we could help each other reduce the stress of getting you wherever ON TIME!
  • When creating a new HERide account, a 4 digit verification code (1111) is sent.  However, some users don’t receive it, or have gotten an error and don’t know what to do next.  Simply ignore the error and login with the email address/phone number and password you used to create your account.
  • Explore the menu, and be sure to share your Invite (referral) code with everyone.  If you’re already a HERide driver, share your own Invite code.  Throughout the site, you will see either mine: AN24E, or my sister, Denise’s: DE50A.  If you refer anyone to this site, be sure they know to use YOUR Invite code when they download the HERide app(s).
  • If you are using an Android, you may experience some issues that iPhone users don’t.  HERide is well aware of these Android bugs/glitches and developers are diligently working to get them resolved as quickly as possible.  Know that your patience and support of HERide is greatly appreciated!
  • While we all understand the frustration of something not working as expected, please do not be discouraged.  We should already know that new apps and software NEVER work 100% when initially released, and there will always be enhancement updates and issues to fix.  That also means it’s important to update ANY software or apps you have on your phone and computers, instead of ignoring those prompts when they show up.  Doing so helps prevent conflicts and helps all apps/programs work together as expected. JS
  • Please be sure your HERide notifications are turned on so you don’t miss any important info (you can turn the notification sound off to lessen the distraction).  If your notifications are turned off, it’s possible you’ll miss out on the superior rideshare experience HERide offers.

NOTE:  Drivers must be online at least 30 minutes before a pre-booked trip’s requested pickup time in order to be able to accept the trip.  At the time of Pre-Booking, the rider will receive a text message once a driver has been confirmed, and when the driver accepts the trip and is on the way to the pickup location, an automatic notification appears in the app.

Thanks SO much for taking time to visit.

PLEASE freely share this information with your rideshare friends and family!

It’s that simple and would be so appreciated. 

You have NO idea who YOU know that needs this information.

Remember:  YOU Do NOT Need To Be a Rider or Driver to help support the movement for a BETTER rideshare experience. Just share this site with others!

P.S.  I’m fairly certain you found value in the content presented here because it doesn’t exist anywhere else.  It is my personal experience as a rideshare driver in Atlanta since August 2016.  This site was created during Easter 2017 and has found new life since finding HERide.

So, feel free to TIP your rideshare and HERide driver, Anita Johnson.  Every moment not “driving for dollars” results in a lot of time to do any and everything, but no money is made immediately.  Rideshare drivers are out here for the money.  Why else would we drive people from Point A to Point B in the ATL?  🙂

Appreciate Your Support as We ALL Do Better in Rideshare!

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