Imagine . . .

. . . SCHEDULING your commute to work or wherever so you are not stressed or late.

Do you remember when Atlanta’s traffic went from awful to unbelievable with the collapse of the bridge on I-85N on March 30, 2017. That meant commute time increased exponentially.

But even before the bridge collapse (and the miraculous repair and reopening that happened on the evening of May 12), and even today, thinking you can get anywhere in “The ATL” quickly is unrealistic and you really are creating your own avoidable stress.

I have often told people you need to pack a lunch and your patience when traveling in this city.




Requesting an Uber or Lyft is a smart move if you don’t want to take MARTA. Your ride shows up within a few minutes. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to get where you’re going on time. And it is unfair to blame the Uber or Lyft driver, or even MARTA.

ALL of the events below have happened in The ATL.




Four happened on an April Monday, and did NOT include the 4 regular adventures we experience every weekday (Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, and Evening “Rush Hours”)

EVERYONE seems to leave for, or from, work around the same time. So of course, traffic is going to be backed up everywhere, and you are more than likely going to be late!

But WHAT IF YOU and your driver SCHEDULE YOUR COMMUTE so you are assured of getting to work or wherever on time?

For instance, you know you need to be at work by 9AM and it takes roughly 30 minutes to get there in “normal” traffic. Add another 15-20 minutes to account for the unexpected delays and increased congestion that is Atlanta traffic. And finally, allow time for your driver to get to you! We are either on another side of town or already on an Uber or Lyft ride, and we have to get through the same traffic.

So . . . that means you OUGHT to be booking your ride so you are leaving your pick up location at 8AM, at the latest. Of course, booking earlier is advised if you are located anywhere OUTSIDE I-285. In that case, give yourself 30 minutes for unexpected delays and increased congestion, which means being ready to be picked up between 7AM and 7:30AM to ensure arrival by 9AM (if not before).

I believe drivers could make that a reality, particularly if DRIVERS stake their own territories.

Atlanta has PLENTY of communities and neighborhoods where drivers could absolutely do well without having to chase the surge or be on the road for hours on end trying to make X amount of dollars. Back in the day (1978) when I first came to Atlanta, the Metro area consisted of 5 counties. Now I understand we’re up to 30!

Drivers . . . How much money do you need to earn each day or week? Why not determine for yourself how many regular or number of steady riders you would need to achieve that? Are you willing to find them in your own neighborhood or community? Or what if you were able to service the county you live in?

For easy math, let’s say your goal is $100 a day, and on average, you figure earnings of $10 (give or take) per ride (not per hour). That means you would need 10 rides a day, or 5 regular riders who you take to and pick up from work. Your weekly goal has been easily met and ALL other rides (Uber and Lyft) are gravy!

HERide is for the BENEFIT of Drivers and Riders!



There is No Surge or Shared Ride Pricing!
Drivers Earn 80% and HERide keeps 20%
Riders Typically Spend Less Per Ride than Uber and Lyft


Please keep in mind that HERide is new and drivers are few compared to Uber/Lyft.   This can mean picking up will not be as quick or immediate as with Uber or Lyft, but if the ride is scheduled, there should be no guessing as to arrival times.

A driver will be there if you just consider taking a few minutes to plan your trip travel time to include and account for usual traffic delays and time for your driver to arrive.

I have imagined every new rideshare service as the “new sheriff in town”.  Now that another rideshare has emerged and is operational, will you allow HERide to earn your rideshare business?

I mean, isn’t it past time for another player in the rideshare industry? 🙂

So . . . will you help bring about what I imagine is possible for interested rideshare drivers in Atlanta by spreading the word for the benefit of ALL?  You can get learn more HERide, its mission and download the app when you register HERE.  And if you do not already have a referral code, feel free to use mine:  AN24E

NOTE:  YOU Do NOT Need To Be a Rider or Driver to help support the movement for a BETTER rideshare experience. Just share this site with others!

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