Lyft Updates – Part 2

This is a continuation of Lyft Updates – Part 1. Read that first so the following content makes better sense.

June 3-9, 2024

An example of the Weekly Summary is below.  Unlike screenshots I’ve seen from other drivers, no high dollar amounts are showing because I’m not grinding, or pushing myself to drive more than 2-4 hours at a time.

Every rideshare driver has their own reasons for driving, and every one of us operate this gig differently. I don’t keep a schedule or consistently drive at set times.  Instead, I drive people when or IF: I feel like it; need immediate money; or a bill needs to be paid.

Weekly Earnings

The example below shows the new estimated pay per mile at the bottom of trip offers.  Lower cents/mile typically indicate longer distance trips.  This information alone makes choosing trips easier! 

My personal strategy now includes accepting fares showing $0.70 per mile or more.  WHY?  

Because Lyft’s pre-2022 mileage rate for me was $0.60 and HERide pays $0.84 per mile!

Short Trips-Higher cents/mile

Transparency or Something Else?

Just for Giggles:  

Although the screenshots at the 6 minute mark in the YouTube video show trip details from the West coast, I was curious to know what that same trip for 23.77 miles and 50 minutes would have cost a rider and paid a driver on HERide’s platform (only operating in Atlanta right now).

$.084 per mile and $.016 per minute; base fare is $4.50; airport pickup and drop off is $4; minimum fare is $10 AND you are not charged extra for PRE-booking (scheduling/reserving) your trip.  How refreshing!

Anyway, in the video, in the third screenshot, it shows the rider was billed $49.20 and the driver was paid $22.09.  The remaining $27.11 ($26.21 + .$0.50) was kept by Lyft.  

Calculating the same minutes and miles using HERide rates reveals:

$4.50 Base Fare PLUS 23.77 miles x $0.84 = $19.97 PLUS 50 minutes x $0.16 = $8.00

$4.50 + $19.97 + $8.00 = $34.47 Rider Fare (Lyft rider would have saved $14.73)

$34.47 x 80% = $27.58 HERide Driver Earnings ($5.49 more than Lyft driver payout)
$34.47 x 20% =   $6.89 HERide App Commission (Lyft took $27.11; difference of $20.22 more)

Detailed Atlanta Trip Example

Typical Trip Offer on 6-8-2024

Accepted this one because I was close by and it showed $0.98/mile

Original Trip Offer-6-8-2024-1

Upfront: $4.34; Actual $6.39

Clicking “Compare to estimated” above the map reveals “Ride details”

Ride Details-Increased Upfront Pay-2

“Est. external fees” (commercial insurance & taxes) and Lyft’s fee are deducted from the rider payment, to determine the driver payout

Earnings Details-Increased Upfront Pay-3

Because I wanted to be sure that I fully understood what I see in my Lyft app, I did 3 different videos and am sharing the last one for drivers who may not yet understand how Lyft does its math.  Watch the 4:47 explanation video below (opens in a new tab/window/screen).

All pre-booked trips appear in the Unassigned Bookings of the driver app. This example is shown because Uber and Lyft airport trips do NOT pay Atlanta drivers what I earned for this trip. Furthermore, I’ve heard that Uber and Lyft riders are being charged more than what HERide charges for trips to, or from, the airport.

The dollar amount is what the rider pays. Note the pickup date, time, addresses, trip miles, and number of riders.

Claimed HERide Pre-Book in app's Unassigned Bookings

This is the customer receipt in the driver app’s History.  Note the easy and clear math!

If a coupon code is used, the discount amount is deducted from the Total.

All airport pick ups and drop offs show $4.00 added to the Total.

The Payment is what the rider was charged. If there’s a balance from previous trips, that amount shows before the Grand Total, and Payment changes to Wallet, showing the amount paid for the current trip.

Drivers always earn 80% of the Payment or Wallet amount. 

HERide Trip Receipt Details

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An unlikely "full-time" rideshare driver who has safely completed 11,670 Uber trips in Metro Atlanta since August 2016, and 2,828 Lyft trips since 2021. My interest in rideshare driver earnings began due to Uber's 2017 decision to change driver payout from 80%, then 75%, to mileage and minutes rates when riders were given Upfront Pricing. In 2022, Uber came up with Upfront Fares for drivers, which is significantly less than what drivers were earning in 2016. Driving for HERide since September 2022 has been exciting, and a refreshing breath of fresh air that Atlanta needs to know about!