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Originally posted on November 12, 2023 @ 6:53 AM

Transparency and Simple Math

Because the other rideshare companies fail to provide any meaningful details about the fares drivers earn, I wanted to show how HERide’s app provides excellent fare details about each trip.

I drove from New Orleans to Atlanta to support and drive for HERide, as well as participate in the Meet & Greet on Monday, November 13th.  WHY?  Because I haven’t earned a decent daily fare since leaving Atlanta in May, and only drive Lyft in NOLA (when I drive).  (New Orleans streets are hazardous to cars, drivers routinely run red lights, and driving at night in NOLA is simply out of the question for me personally because of the road conditions.)

And I’m not driving Uber at all in NOLA because I would need to switch cities, meaning no more driving allowed in Atlanta, and I’m not doing that.

Below are screenshots from my driver app.  All 6 HERide trips I completed on Thursday, November 9th and Friday, November 10th were from immediate new customer sign ups at Atlanta’s airport.

You may be wondering how that was possible.  It’s because HERide was initially authorized to solicit at the airport and sign up new riders as they made their way to the rideshare pickup location.

The information below is what a driver wants to see and really cares about.  Most of this information cannot be gleaned or even calculated from what the Uber and Lyft apps show their drivers.

1st HERide Trip on November 9, 2023
Earned $17.74 for 26 minutes, 12.19 miles

Earned $17.74 for 26 minutes, 12.19 miles

Monetary breakdown of what a rider pays, driver earns and HERide’s App Commission.

4 HERide Bookings on November 9
Earned $125.62 for 3 hours and 3 minutes of driving 117.79 miles

Earned $125.62 for 3 hours and 3 minutes, 117.79 miles

List of HERide Trips for November 9
Earnings for each HERide trip (clicking the Booking ID reveals details of each trip)

List of HERide Trips for November 9

Breakdown of 2nd HERide Trip
Earned $23.83 for 22 minutes drive time, 21.93 miles

Details of 2nd HERide Trip-November 9

Breakdown of 3rd HERide Trip
Earned $21.38 for 33 minutes drive time, 6 minutes wait time, 14.71 miles

Details of 3rd HERide Trip-November 9

Breakdown of 4th HERide Trip
Earned $62.67 for 1 hour and 17 minutes drive time, 2 minutes wait time, 68.96 miles

Details of 4th HERide Trip-November 9

2 Completed HERide Trips and 1 driver cancellation on November 10;
Earned $88.92 for 1 hour and 28 minutes drive time, 98.68 miles

Earned $88.92 for 1 hour and 28 minutes, 98.68 miles

Receipt for last HERide trip on November 10
Earned $73.26 for 54 minutes drive time, 2 minutes wait time, 60.64 miles (includes $20 tip)

Receipt Details for last HERide trip on November 10

And for a real comparison (and giggles), here are my first 3 Uber trips since April 2023

First 3 Uber trips since April 2023

I would still like to do a quick video explaining these screenshots, but it will have to wait until after another time.  

However, what I’ve shown here so far should be enough to convince any person that HERide pays drivers better; the app details regarding trips is superior to Uber’s and Lyft’s apps; and includes


Riders are required to take a selfie when booking their trip so the driver knows exactly who is being picked up.

Drivers take a selfie once a day when they go online to accept trips, so riders have a current photo of their driver.  

Clicking the View Selfie button as shown in the screenshot below, shows the photo of the rider being picked up, and the SafeSignal button confirms that the rider and driver are a match for the trip.

Neither Uber nor Lyft care who gets in a driver’s car because oftentimes there is NO photo of the rider; aliases can be used; a man’s name may show as the rider, but a woman is being picked up, and vice versa. 

Worst of all, drivers have NO idea who they drove because that information disappears after the trip is completed, and there is NO record of their name, or the exact address where they were picked up or dropped off in those other apps.

HERide simply built a better and safer rideshare app for the benefit of ALL rideshare customers.

Download the HERide app HERE and feel free to use my referral code:  AN24E, if you don’t already have one.

View Rider Selfie

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