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Originally posted on November 17, 2023 @ 10:40 AM

Each One, Teach One

A friend of mine texted to ask whether I was driving or not because she needed a ride.  Originally, this post had two FB Live videos telling the story of how I helped her sign up to use HERide, and what happened as a result.

When I discovered the videos were no longer visible here, I confirmed they are no longer on Facebook either.

The first video was recorded while driving to pick her up, and I randomly shared golden nuggets of information so people could learn more about HERide.  

I also shared who she is to me, and how she may be of help to YOU, or someone you know.  Because that live recording cut off, I recorded a second one, sharing very personal information about how she helped me understand the maze that is the healthcare system, specifically as it pertains to seniors, like me.

There is no doubt in my mind she can help other people who are reaching retirement age, and who are confused about health insurance for seniors.  

My intention is to have a recorded interview of her and I talking about the information that you know someone else needs, and we hope you will share it when it is posted here.  

Thanking You in advance, for helping someone else.

Booking HERide with a Friend

Sandra Hall
Sandra Can Help Seniors!
Senior Health and Medicare Expert
A Senior's Godsend

Because she didn’t want to be on video, and I didn’t want to record any of her personal information while she was in the process of booking a ride, I turned off my video.  That means there’s nothing to see, but plenty of useful information to hear, which you can replicate for people you know.

Yes, You Can Do It Too!

Screen goes black at 38 seconds, but the audio is what is most important for people who download the app and sign up for their first HERide trip.

This is a walk through of pre-booking a ride.  Whatever is not showing in this video can be seen HERE (opens in a new tab/window)

NOTE: Your payment method is charged immediately after booking the trip. 
This is different from Uber & Lyft which charge for a trip AFTER it’s over.

Thanks SO much for taking time to visit.

PLEASE freely share this information with your rideshare friends and family!

It’s that simple and would be so appreciated. 

You have NO idea who YOU know that needs this information.

Remember:  YOU Do NOT Need To Be a Rider or Driver to help support the movement for a BETTER rideshare experience. Just share this site with others!

Tips for THIS Rideshare Driver
Tips for THIS Content Creator

Anita Johnson

An unlikely "full-time" rideshare driver who has safely completed 11,670 Uber trips in Metro Atlanta since August 2016, and 2,828 Lyft trips since 2021. My interest in rideshare driver earnings began due to Uber's 2017 decision to change driver payout from 80%, then 75%, to mileage and minutes rates when riders were given Upfront Pricing. In 2022, Uber came up with Upfront Fares for drivers, which is significantly less than what drivers were earning in 2016. Driving for HERide since September 2022 has been exciting, and a refreshing breath of fresh air that Atlanta needs to know about!