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A NEW to Atlanta Ride-Hail Service Pays Drivers More!

My name is Anita and being a rideshare driver was NOT my idea or plan.

However, as a rideshare driver who discovered another ride-hail service that came to Atlanta at the end of February, 2017, I felt obligated to share the GOOD NEWS for the benefit of others.

At the request of the Founder, I must make clear that I AM NOT connected in any way to the company’s internal team.  I AM simply one of the first drivers in Atlanta, and every word on this site is my own.  None of what is written should be construed as company policy or perspective.  Everything written ought to be considered a Case Study of another ride-hail  opportunity.

I AM also an online marketer, so creating a website regarding everything I personally know, or have experienced as a rideshare driver, just made sense to me. No one asked me to create this, MY referral site, nor am I being compensated for the original content. Please keep this in mind as you peruse the site.

My grown son was a regular Atlanta Uber rider and had been insisting for months that I sign up to drive; I finally did in June, 2016.

Life as I knew it in Florida had been imploding for well over 6 months due to loss of significant online client income.  And money was like magic because I never knew when it was going to show up or how.  Still I continued to resist the idea of returning to Atlanta because I wanted nothing to do with Atlanta’s traffic!  Even so, I contacted Uber to request that my city be switched from Daytona Beach to Atlanta.

On July 11, I found myself back in the ATL. Within 5 days I was blessed with a J-O-B that I thought would provide steady and consistent income. After commuting 2-3 hours to, and from, work for 30 days (meaning being offline 12-14 hours and doing online client work before or after the J-O-B) , I destroyed a 38 year relationship by giving the J-O-B back and opting to drive for Uber instead!

Although I have driven close to 90,000 miles since August, 2016 and have had the pleasure of providing a much needed service to almost 4,000 people to date, my ultimate goal is to drive smarter and less, so I can spend more time earning income online, like I’ve been doing since 2007.   Before mid-2014, my income was earned online providing Technical Virtual Assistance and Help Desk Support to several prominent Internet Marketing professionals.  And I miss it.

No one asked me to create this site, and it’s quite possible, some may not approve. However, this is MY experience, and I have shared it in an effort to help spread the good news for rideshare drivers.  All the information I have learned about the rideshare industry since discovering the new ride-hail service is here because it was originally documented and shared on Facebook somewhere.

My understanding is that the new ride-hail service started in 2011 as a successful Florida based transportation company running buses between Miami and New York. In 2014, the service expanded to include regular vehicles that picked up tourists from the airports and dropped them at the various Disney resorts.  NEW to Atlanta, this ride-hail service already operates in 6 other cities: Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Roanoke, San Francisco. And this, MY referral site, was designed to help promote their service to attract new ride-hail passengers and interested rideshare drivers in Georgia (as we can drive outside of Metro Atlanta too).


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