Senseless Deactivations

Originally posted on January 31, 2023 @ 10:22 AM

False Allegations are Rampant in the Rideshare Industry

When I started this site in 2017, I frequently posted on FB and then screenshot those posts to add to this site.  This morning, I was compelled to share the screenshot below in the two rideshare groups I am in because this sort of nonsense is happening DAILY, around the world, and riders have NO idea that their complaints (usually baseless and without ANY proof offered or required) affect the livelihood of millions of drivers.

So, in an effort to continue to educate the unsuspecting public, and specifically rideshare drivers and especially riders, here’s what happened to me last evening:

Below is the screenshot video I took from my new iPhone SE (I’ll share why that is important in another blog post).

NOTE:  There is no sound because I have yet to figure out how to record with sound when doing a quick screenshot on this particular device.  (Give me a few more days of playing with my new toy and I’ll manage to get it right.  🙂 )

Potential Help for Drivers

So, for any other driver who has been wrongly deactivated, may I suggest you subscribe to a new YouTube channel I discovered a few days ago. Although I have no idea whether he can help you, I love what he’s doing by offering useful information, and attempting to provide a space for thousands who have lost their rideshare livelihood because of false allegations, which drivers have no recourse to fight.

At the 15:10 mark, he discusses what a real Independent Contractor is.  Rideshare drivers are NOT that (legally), nor are we employees of any of the gig apps.

The “freedom and flexibility” we supposedly enjoy is an illusion.  We have the “freedom” to turn the apps on and off whenever, and the “flexibility” to drive on our own schedule.  That’s it!  The app’s algorithms DICTATE all else about rideshare.

Aside from this man’s candor, and being a breath of fresh air (as opposed to the many veteran YouTubers who have been telling what’s REALLY going on with Uber and Lyft for years), I highly recommend subscribing to two other YouTube channels.  

The channels listed below are what I consider to be the best because they are sharing information that any driver could certainly use, but especially for the benefit of new drivers who have absolutely NO idea what is happening in today’s gig economy. 

Any video you may watch  that discusses Uber and/or Lyft should not be older than 1-3 months, primarily because the constant changes to the platforms are happening so fast, it’s hard to keep up, and probably not going to be of much value to you, except as historical data. 

What was happening in 2022 or years ago, while still important for contrast purposes only, it really isn’t very relevant today.

Consider the information offered here and below to be your ‘continuing education’ that no one bothered to tell you would be needed to survive in the rideshare game.  

Their styles and missions are very different, but they are bringing truth that so many do not know.  

Learn from what you hear, see and understand because these people have seen it ALL, and I trust what they offer to the rideshare community.  

The Rideshare Guy

This is just one example of how these apps are playing with drivers’ money while simultaneously overcharging riders.  

Rideshare Professor

Start at 6:29 to hear what is happening regarding driver pay (according to Uber’s CEO).  His words are NOT reality for drivers.

Although I want to spend more time writing the next blog post, I need to get out to drive today for my daily dollars.

So until the next time, remember there IS a better alternative, and it’s the reason I’m adding new content to this site.  

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