What’s Your Plan B?

Since discovering the gig economy (it was called ‘freelancing’ back in the days when I worked with various law firms, before there were even temp agencies specializing in legal placements), I know that it’s been a wonderful, challenging and growth experience for me. And being a rideshare driver has been no different.

When I started driving, it was never meant to be a “destination” gig, but a “journey on the way elsewhere” gig. And the more I learned about the rideshare industry from experts like, TheRideshareGuy, I knew I needed a Plan B. In fact, anyone who is driving full-time can probably relate to The Biggest Challenges of Being a Full-Time Driver.

Even better, I would hope any driver that reads this takes some time to play an online news game that I also learned about from TheRideshareGuy.  I found it really fun to play and it revealed interesting data about rideshare driving and earnings.  The game asksDo You Have What It Takes?” and assumes you live in Sacramento, but you can also drive in San Francisco.

Even though I live and drive in Atlanta, I played both the Easy and Hard versions and both results confirmed what I already knew from driving in Atlanta, personally.  Try it! I’m betting you will be surprised (or not).

SO, what’s my Plan B?  I’ve been working on it since discovering the new to Atlanta ride-hail service at the end of February 2017.  My newly released Special Report was written as a case study showing how the new service pays me more than the industry giant.  You are encouraged to download your FREE copy HERE.