Anita Johnson here and I AM excited to share information about the NEW to Atlanta ride-hail service.

I AM an Uber and Flexx driver simply sharing the GOOD NEWS!

I AM NOT the Founder, or connected in any way to the company’s internal team. Every word on this site is my own; not to be construed as company policy or perspective; and Flexx’s Founder is aware this site exists.

I AM also an online marketer, so creating a website regarding everything I personally know, or have experienced regarding both services, just made sense to me. No one asked me to create this, my referral site, nor am I being compensated for the original content.  Please keep this in mind as you peruse the site.

Everything I have learned about Flexx since their February 24, 2017 launch has been documented somewhere on Facebook, and now shared as my own “case study” in the newly re-released Special Report

Anita Johnson's Case Study-Special Report

available for FREE download HERE.  So in an effort to consolidate all of the Facebook posts, as well as help other rideshare drivers and passengers learn more about Flexx, you are reading the result.

The site is still a work in progress, and your patience is appreciated as I make time to update it.  And as more information is acquired, it will be posted on the site for the convenience of potential Flexx drivers, passengers and those who simply want to help to spread the good news.

Download the Flexx Passenger app HERE to request a ride.

Download the Flexx Driver app HERE to apply to be a Flexx driver through the app.

After you have been notified that you have successfully passed Flexx’s background and motor vehicle checks, you will also be invited to join the private Facebook group and can start receiving ride requests so long as your app stays on.  🙂

If you need a referral ID/promo code, feel free to use mine 2R5XB95 unless you were referred to this site by someone else. That person brought you to the party so their ID/code should be used instead of mine. We both thank you!