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Automated Webinar Replay

Because I am SO excited about what TRYP Rides™ is offering and bringing to the ride-hail space, I wanted to be sure you saw how TRYP™ pays riders, drivers and anyone else who helps spread the word.

This business presentation is part of the referral marketing materials which allows people to opt-in to watch at a specific time or immediately.

Here’s a recorded copy without the automated chat. You’re welcome. 🙂

You have NO excuse or barrier to learn more.

Just know it’s about 18 minutes of your life that you are investing to make a real positive change in the lives of those who ride and drive Uber/Lyft.

TRYP Rides hopes you will want to join the movement for BETTER 🙂

Recorded exclusive of automated chat

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Looking Forward to ALL of Us Having a
BETTER Rideshare Experience