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As I find current information that I think others would be interested in knowing about, I will post is here.

I recently discovered this young man, NoMoreEver925, whose name I found out is Greg Perdriel. He’s one of the major Influencers in the South Florida area preparing for launch on August 18th.

I’m liking what he’s sharing for the benefit of all and believe you’ll learn something of interest to you.

Pre-Launch Festivities in South Florida

First TRYP Ride in South Florida

Greg is the Truth
Other YouTubbers Talking About TRYP . . . Not So Much

Preparing for South Florida Launch

Tour of FIRST GO Center

This appears at the end of the description for this video:

If you live in FL or know anybody in FL now is the time to reach out to them, have them download the app with your code and start sharing. This will start spreading fast first.

If you live elsewhere, you should still present this to anybody that’d want to promote this as an influencer or be a driver. We/you must create the demand in your area before Tryp can launch in your city. We need drivers to make this work. We’re going to be getting paid to do this instead of the company spending millions on traditional advertising. Once there are enough downloads+drivers in an area, Tryp will send business development there. You’ll still get paid off the 1 time set up fee that drivers pay to enroll. Drivers won’t pay the monthly app fee until it’s live in their area. Tryp has to know who’s signing up & upgrading where so if you’re serious about making money, UPGRADE ASAP❗️”

Uber News – 2019 Edition (2017 Edition is Here)

Uber Loses $5.2 BILLION – August 8, 2019

The Apptrepreneur‘s Take: Uber Posts Record Losses

400 Uber Employees Lose Their Jobs

The Apptrepreneur‘s Take: Profitability Seems Unlikely

What’s It Like to be Fired from Uber?

Are We Tired YET?

TRYP Negativity❗️(Keep That Same Energy August 18th)

If you found value in the information presented by Greg, and you don’t already have a referral code, you are welcome to use mine, Netlady, to get your free rider account since you may have heard about TRYP from me first.

However, if you don’t already have a referral code, and you would rather be part of NoMoreEver925‘s team, then please, by all means, use his referral link as referenced instead. 🙂

TRYPsters are about getting the word out by any means necessary. It matters not to me whose team you join.

Just get your referral link out there because
TRYP Nation is COMING!