Video Clarifications

SO . . . this happened at 9:30 AM, Monday, August 26:

Kevin‘s response to his rant on Friday, August 24 after being called out by several TRYPsters

Then on Tuesday, August 27th, this happened around 9 AM:

Taha Abbasi, Chief Technology Officer/Director for TRYP Technologies
Taha Live Streams on August 27, 2019

Watch and listen carefully to the Interview between Kevin and Taha Abbasi, TRYP’s Chief Technology Officer

And I also heard Mark (Uber Hints) state that he was going to meet with TRYP’s Chief Technology Officer, Taha Abbasi, on Wednesday, August 28, on a Zoom session.

I watched both live interviews and was there for the facts, as well as the comments. Suggest you watch both replays and even subscribe to their channels for any updates.

Now, if you want to know what’s happening with TRYP Rides going forward, PLEASE go here for more info:

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