Uniting Drivers (and Riders)

I attended a meeting of Lyft and Uber drivers yesterday evening.  Every driver there knows these companies have exploited drivers.   And everyone had stories.  We want the public to know that seasoned drivers (longer than 6 months driving) are NOT happy drivers.

The goal of the meeting was to come up with solutions that drivers want.  I am 100% behind the safety and earnings issues we talked about at my small group table.  And there were several tables with 8-10 people.  However, I cannot imagine either Uber or Lyft listening to drivers, or implementing these ideas after all these years of being in business.

At the conclusion of the two-hour meeting, we were encouraged to exchange contact information with at least three people. I love the idea of drivers connecting and exchanging contact information because when someone starts driving, that person maybe only know one or two people already driving, if anyone.  And if they don’t know any drivers personally, new drivers start blind, and are on their own to figure out how Uber and Lyft REALLY operate.

The challenge of trying to connect with thousands of drivers to get on the same page to formulate a list of ‘demands’ is going to be daunting for that organization. I’m confident, however, that they will go forward doing whatever is necessary. And I support their efforts, and will participate where and when I can.

For instance, they are calling for a 24 hours “apps off” on Monday, June 10. Great idea, but you can be assured most drivers in Atlanta didn’t get the memo. And even if they did . . . every hour not driving is money not being made.

On May 8th, I personally did not turn on my app for 12 hours. Honestly, I’m not too sure I can go 24 hours without turning it on and driving.

We shall see . . .

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