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TRYP Apps Available for Download

The IMPROVED and ENHANCED TRYP Rides rider and driver apps by TRYP Technologies have been re-released and are now available for download.

The TRYP Rides apps are not to be confused with any app that shows TRYP with a black background. Our background is BLUE

I met a driver at the RAA who actually had downloaded that app. Now I wonder if all the negative Internet chatter from earlier this year (scam, pyramid scheme, no app, etc.) is because people were assuming that app with the black background (has something to do with Nigeria) was the TRYP Rides app that was initially released to the Play and iTunes stores, June 17, 2019.

As of October 11, the updated Rider app has been re-released. You ought to be on your phone when you click the link so that the system can automatically detect whether you are on Android or iPhone and take you to the appropriate store to install the app.

The updated Driver app will be re-released next week and I will add that link here at that time.

For now, click HERE from your phone to download the Rider app.

After downloading, make sure you watch the 18 minute Webinar to fully understand what you have in your hands now.

IF you run into any technical difficulties regarding the apps, know that can best assist you.

Spread the word by about TRYP by getting your Free rider account when you download and install the TRYP Rider app

Now share this post and your app far and wide TODAY!

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