Flexx Can Serve Communities & Neighborhoods Uber and Lyft Ignore

In searching for more ways to get the word out about Flexx, I stumbled upon this NPR audio about an Uber like service that was started in a rural Ohio town.

As I listened, I kept thinking, THIS is exactly what Flexx could be to areas in Metro Atlanta that typically don’t see a Surge, but probably have more Pool riders. Spend 4 minutes listening to what I heard and keep reading to see what I imagine is possible to help Atlantans.

Surge means there are more riders with their app open and needing a ride than there are drivers in the area. Uber also creates the surges when there are events in town.  This is supposed to encourage drivers to go to the surge area for more money (which really means ridiculous traffic and congestion = a parking lot on the streets).

And Pool just means the riders supposedly pay less and agree to ride with someone else who is along the destination route and going in the same direction.

Drivers HATE Pool

Many drivers simply ignore Pool requests, and pretty much every driver complains about Pool rides AND riders! I have even heard of drivers calling riders after accepting the Pool ride to find out the destination. If a driver doesn’t think it is worth his/her time or energy, the Pool ride is simply canceled by the driver, leaving the rider late going somewhere because now another Uber has to be called.

That’s just wrong, in my opinion. People who use Pool typically NEED a ride and it’s the most cost-effective option available with Uber. However, for drivers, Pool rides do NOT pay us enough for the logistical aggravations we suffer through. Furthermore, most riders and drivers are unaware of this stipulation on Pool rides: “This can be up to two riders.”

More clarification from last year’s article by The Rideshare Guy: “How Does UberPool Pricing Really Work?”

” . . . pool rides may take a bit longer as your driver may have to stop to pick up and drop off other passengers during your ride. You also won’t be able to have more than one other person with you. Pool rides are limited to groups of one or 2 passengers only. Finally, you’ll have a much shorter grace period to get in the car once it arrives and you won’t be able to add stops or update your destination.”

And here is The Rideshare Guy’s latest article about Pool (and LyftLine) rides.

Let’s keep it real . . . People who drive for Uber and Lyft do it for the money. Plain and simple. Uber has been advertised as a ‘side hustle’ and for those who drive for that express purpose, it’s working for them.

But I am fairly certain there are more drivers who are like me. Driving may have started out as a side hustle, but for whatever reason, driving for Uber/Lyft, or both, has become the only source of income.  It is our ENTIRE hustle and it can feel like being a hamster on a wheel, sometimes.

“Driving for Dollars” was an adventure in August, now it’s an obligation to drive in order to have money. And for me, the money simply is not enough. Particularly when you realize that your car’s expenses and maintenance and everything else you need to pay for is barely being covered by your earnings. And especially when you also know your earnings are being manipulated.

What immediately excited me about Flexx was the recognition that Flexx pays MORE!

  • Flexx Standard is $0.80/mile instead of Uber’s $0.68 (Pool) or $0.75/mile (UberX)
  • Flexx Standard is $0.16/minute instead of Uber’s $0.10 (Pool) or $0.12/minute (UberX)
    Because I have no idea what the rates are for UberXL, Select, Black, SUV, they are not included

Then I visualized the endless possibilities for Atlanta with Flexx. It is my belief that THINKING Drivers will see an opportunity to capture their own customers in their neighborhoods and surrounding communities!

Metro Atlanta is HUGE!

When my parents bought their home off of Wesley Chapel/Snapfinger in 1975, Atlanta consisted of FIVE counties: Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, DeKalb and Clayton (where the Airport is really located).  These are the 30 counties of Metro Atlanta Today:

In 1978, I could drive I-20 West from Wesley Chapel to downtown in 17 minutes!

Over the 20 years we lived at 4451, we saw the neighborhood change and the traffic and congestion increase.

Today, it is unbelievable to me the growth and changes to the ATL!

And getting from that house off of Snapfinger to Wesley Chapel which leads to I-20 NOW? . . . . That can easily be 17 minutes sitting, inching along.

From Wikipedia

Flexx On Demand Rides was created because Kenshell Jones, Flexx Founder, has been listening to the disgruntled drivers.

And now that she’s here in Atlanta, and I have discovered Flexx and met her personally . . .

I AM committed to making sure that the underserved areas of metro Atlanta have the same, if not better, ride-hail service that Uber provides to Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, Perimeter, Emory, Sandy Springs and everything North and OUTSIDE of the Perimeter.

Uber and Lyft drivers rarely pickup riders on the South or West sides. I am on the East side and would love other drivers to help with this side of town, as well as where ever else in Georgia you may live because Flexx drivers can drive anywhere in Georgia! ?

Can you IMAGINE . . . with me?

A ride-hail company that WANTS to provide the much needed service of getting people without cars (or who don’t want to drive) to their destination, in a TIMELY manner, despite Atlanta’s notorious traffic issues, instead of being solely focused on growth of the company and its investors.

Imagine further that Flexx offers its Drivers the opportunity to acquire their own passengers AND stake their own territories.

So instead of driving off to anywhere in the metro ATL with the Uber app on while waiting for a ping, as a Flexx Driver, you could have an appointed time to pickup Passenger A and later, you have another booking to pickup Passenger B, and so forth. Just IMAGINE . . .

Depending upon how much money a Flexx Driver needs daily or weekly, I believe it would be simple to find passengers in the area of Atlanta where the Flexx Driver LIVES! Not every driver wants to be summoned to the event locations or rush hour commutes orginating where the most numbers of riders are requesting a ride.

Flexx Drivers could be acquiring new Flexx Passengers from anywhere and help those new Passengers download the passenger app and schedule their first ride.

In fact, Flexx Drivers can open areas OUTSIDE the metro Atlanta area, like Athens, Augusta, Gainesville, Macon, or any of the smaller towns and cities in the 159 counties of Georgia.

And if the Driver is truly THINKING, the math is pretty simple and earning what a Driver needs, wants and deserves would be easily achievable — without chasing surges, and ignoring or cancelling Pools for the Cancellation Fee.

Here are the current incentives for Flexx Drivers:

  • $60 for each new driver who completes 60 rides in 60 days
  • $2.50 for each new passenger who completes first ride
  • There’s a $500 cash bonus for 50 new passengers who ride in 30 days; $1,000 cash bonus for 100 new passengers who ride in 30 days
  • $2.50 passenger residual for each ride taken in 60 days
  • And for NEW drivers, for a limited time, they can keep 100% of the fare

Ready to Join Flexx as a Driver? APPLY HERE through the driver app. After you have been notified that you have successfully passed Flexx’s background and motor vehicle checks, you will also be invited to join the private Flexx Drivers-Atlanta Facebook group and can start receiving ride requests so long as your app stays on. 🙂

If you need a promo code to get up to $15 off your next Flexx ride, feel free to use mine NITA1314 unless you were referred to this site by someone else. That person brought you to the party so their promo code should be used instead of mine. We both thank you!

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