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Before January, I had no idea “Ride-Hail” or “Rideshare” was an INDUSTRY.

Typically, a new driver finds him/herself just out there driving total strangers, not realizing that there ARE people they can look to for information, tips and advice. I found that ONE person who I have learned SO MUCH from, and encourage other drivers to learn from him too.

Ride-Hail/Share Industry Expert, Harry Campbell


I am not yet his affiliate, but he was the FIRST person I wrote to regarding the new ride-hail service in Atlanta with the hope that he might want to interview the Founder or even write about the service. Still waiting, but I’m hopeful . . .

24 Hour Auto Shop (coming soon)


Windshield Service


Do You Have a Product or Service to Sell Online?

Learn From the BEST!

Compliments of My Internet Marketing Colleagues


Uber – God Heaven and Hell View – EXPOSED!!!


How Many Uber Drivers Are Losing a LOT of Money
Due to a Major Flaw in Passenger App?

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