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Referral Program Agreement

Because too many people fail to read documents they agree to before signing on paper, electronically, or online (like when downloading an app, or registering at a website), I have taken the liberty and time to read the 18 page Referral Program Agreement to YOU!

WHY?* Because when you apply to become a Rider Referral Partner or Driver Referral Partner, you are agreeing to every word of the Referral Program Agreement, whether you took time to read it or not.

So, you can never use the excuse that you didn’t know, particularly when one of the key sentences is:

You further represent and warrant that You have read and understood this entire agreement and have understood its contents, terms, disclaimers, provisions, and clauses and if You have not understood this agreement, or any portion thereof, You have had the opportunity to ask an independent individual with knowledge of the matters and they have adequately explained them to You.

So, this is me “adequately explaining” . . . And You’re Welcome. 🙂

Part 1

Part 2

*These videos were also recorded as part of the Go Live Every Day in October Challenge (Videos 17 and 19) on Facebook. They were recorded using FreeConferenceCall in order to share my screen, and then uploaded to YouTube for posterity. 🙂

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