Phone Tour Overview

Reading is Fundamental. However, I recognize too many people skim or simply won’t make time to read information they believe doesn’t apply to them.

This morning I had an idea to simply record from my phone and show you exactly what is on this site and WHY it’s important that you READ all that is here.

The information revealed is for YOUR benefit and was written so you can share it with someone else who NEEDS this information.

So, thank you in advance for your time and interest in helping us build a BETTER rideshare experience for everyone.

Audio/Visual Walk-Through and Tour

After watching that, my questions are:

How Would YOU Like to Help? And How Much Do YOU Want To Earn?

Right now, any person with a FREE rider account can also earn 30% of ticket sales by becoming an affiliate to help promote TRYP Rides Live Launch Event in Miami on August 17. Trips start August 18.

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