Increased Booking Fee and Paying to Pickup at the Airport?

I knew Uber had fees that it deducts from our fares. And over the years, I watched those deductions increase. But I just accepted them as the “cost of doing business” and never really paid them much attention. In their totality.

Now that I’ve discovered TRYP and am doing all I know to help drivers understand that driving with TRYP will actually SAVE them money.

In addition to earning 100% of the fares, wait, cancellation fees and tips, I am seeing things about Uber I had never noticed or seen before now.

Riders are billed a Booking Fee and an Airport Surcharge (Pickup Fee).

But So Are Drivers!

I could be wrong, but it feels like Uber is double-dipping.

Check out my own account and what I’ve discovered between the last week of June and the first week of July:

Notice the Booking Fees are sometimes more than the Service Fees (which is supposed to be Uber’s 25% cut).

What’s interesting is that the Service Fee percentage is oftentimes more than 25% OR sometimes, it’s simply Zero, which makes NO sense.

Yet, the Booking Fees are ALWAYS deducted from the drivers’ earnings. And it clearly states the riders’ fare includes the Booking Fee; riders have also confirmed their fare includes the Airport Surcharge (pickup fee).

Previous Increase

Here’s a real gem . . . in mid-July, Uber sent a mass notice of a refund.

Mine was .43 cents for a trip on May 24, 2019 at 2 PM.

The Booking Fee that day was $2.60.

I have no idea when it went to $2.90, but you see in the video that it has increased to $3.40!

And here’s an airport pickup trip on May 24, but earlier in the day.

The booking fee is $2.60 and the airport pickup fee is $3.85. The riders’ fare includes both.

However, when you add what Uber Receives, $15.07, and the Airport Surcharge, $3.85, you get $18.92.

Deduct $18.92 from what the Rider Pays, $52.85, and that is what Uber paid me, $33.93.

For further enlightenment, take a look at HOW MUCH Uber took every month in 2018.

So What Do YOU Think?

Still not sure TRYP is offering a BETTER option? Watch THIS. Then . . .

Let’s Talk and let me help you get clarity. 🙂

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