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First TRYP Rides-August 18

These are my people.  That’s how I felt when I was in Miami and when I watch history being made in the video below.

We are people caring about our futures by working together to create and Do BETTER For EVERYONE.

The Ride You Prefer (“TRYP”) has several benefits to offer, yet too many are side-eyeing; being negative and skeptical; while still ‘waiting to see’.

That’s unfortunate because it’s free to register to get more information and you at least can make some money, if you choose to.

Continue to watch TRYP make history as we embrace Our Mission to DOMINATE the rideshare industry.

Seriously!  We are coming for the drivers and riders who want BETTER!

And we aren’t competing with what is known because we know TRYP has a better app with more features that benefit both rider and driver, and allows for more than one way to earn money, more than one time.

This company was 18 months in the making and like many start-ups, has stumbled and made mistakes.  They unashamedly own that and I love that they admit it and commit to being transparent with its drivers, the people they work for.

Such a refreshing and welcome change for drivers everywhere, even the currently clueless ones.

TRYP Rides Has Taken Its First Baby Steps

It was created to solve the problems in the rideshare industry that no one was trying to fix and too many were oblivious to. I knew in 2017 and wrote about it directing this question to me and other drivers, “Why Are YOU Still Driving Uber?

Discovering TRYP at the May 9th protest confirmed my suspicions about the money being manipulated. Doing the math afterward caused me to effortlessly write to show what I found while also challenging others to help TRYP Launch So WE Could ALL Do BETTER.

The leadership and structure is strong and committed to drivers’ interests by listening to our concerns; implementing solutions; and fixing whatever breaks.

TRYP Rides Technology is managed by teams of people who are helping to build an app FOR and ABOUT Drivers; an app that includes a drivers’ Merchant Account allowing drivers to instantly receive ALL of their fares, tips, wait time and cancellation fees.

It also rewards everyone who helps build our brand by sharing the app with others. When your referrals take a TRYP with us, you earn reward points that convert to .40 cents for each completed ride. You can cash out at $25 or let it ride and accumulate into money for future rides or savings.

This company will grow organically because it is about taking care of drivers and rewarding riders for sharing the only NO surge rideshare app in the industry.

We Can and Will Do It!

See? This much has already happened:

Looking for people who believe the same and are willing to work for the growth and unstoppable residual and passive income that is to be generated for years to come and which can be left to our families.

TRYP Nation Thanks You For Your Support for a
BETTER Rideshare Experience for ALL!

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