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Rideshare Education

Rideshare has been an industry for 10 years with almost NO training or education.

Prospective drivers get the app, upload their license, registration and proof of insurance. A background check is run by a third-party, not Uber/Lyft, and IF approved, emails and a few videos are sent and the driver is all set.

THAT IS IT! You, the driver, are on your own and free to make as much or as little money as your schedule permits.

Riders . . . You didn’t get any training either. Smart drivers educate the ones that display behavior where it’s necessary to remind riders where they are and whose car they are in.

There is SO much room for improvement. And I know both drivers and riders want and DESERVE BETTER!

So as I’m focused on providing content that speaks to both the driver and rider, I recognize that there’s SO much to learn as a driver because when a driver starts, there is no one to ask questions of, or find out the best strategies for maximizing our time on the app.

When I started driving Uber in 2016, it wasn’t until January 2017 when I discovered The Rideshare Guy. He is considered the Rideshare Industry Expert and it is highly recommended riders and drivers subscribe to his blog and YouTube channel.

Of course, over the years, there have been countless “Uber Tubbers” discussing everything rideshare. And on social media, there are Uber/Lyft groups that claim to help new drivers, but actually spend more time griping, moaning, complaining, talking about riders, etc.

There doesn’t seem to be ANY thought to finding a solution, or a better alternative. And apparently, there doesn’t seem to be much interest either in those groups or with those “Uber Tubbers” in wanting to investigate the alternative and BETTER option that launched August 17-18, 2019.

For those reasons, when I started my ‘due diligence’ mode as it pertains to TRYP, I was in search of any and all information that would TEACH me how to acquire riders and drivers.

On YouTube, there are countless Uber/Lyft drivers talking about those companies. While looking for TRYP information, I found these golden nuggets from earlier this year.

This particular driver drops some SERIOUS FINANCIAL and BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE that every rider and driver needs to listen to because it will only be more beneficial to you as you travel with TRYP.

These are videos I recently watched from another TRYP Influencer, Wyman’s Musical Rideshare. From the dates on the videos, I know he and thousands of other drivers have been waiting since January (or earlier) for TRYP to launch.

Since I just joined TYRP Nation and got to the party in May, I’ve been documenting my own due diligence for the benefit of riders and drivers so intelligent decisions can be made.

PLEASE take time to listen carefully to each of these videos that contain a free education on money, business and entrepreneurship by Wyman’s Musical Rideshare. He starts every video with singing, so if you want to skip that, I’ve provided markers.

TRYP is an SaaS Company

Skip to 3:25 for the message recorded in January 2019:

At the 19:52 mark is the original TRYP business presentation (not in the Influencer’s marketing arsenal anymore).

I understand the company basically had to start over sometime earlier this year, and that has been a major reason drivers like him have been patiently waiting for TRYP to launch.

3 Reasons Why Riders Will Choose TRYP Rides

Skip to 3:55 for the message recorded in March 2019:

He discusses:

  • Uber Protests/Strikes;
  • Riders Earning Revenue for Referring the App for Free; and
  • OTB – Ongoing Travel Balance – Ride for Free

Women Drivers

Skip to 4:16 for the message also recorded in March 2019:

Thoughts After Launch August 18

If you found value in the information Wyman presented and you don’t already have a referral code, you are welcome to use mine, Netlady, to get your free rider account to get more information, and upgrade if you choose.

TRYPsters are about getting the word out by any means necessary. And we have no problems doing it one video at a time. 🙂

Just get your referral link out there because
TRYP Nation is COMING!