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Do Your Due Diligence

When I first learned about TRYP Rides at the Uber protest on May 8th, I knew I wanted to help get the word out to as many people as possible. That means I Googled “TRYP” and “TRYP Rides” and read several articles. All of those articles were mainly negative and were published in December 2018/January 2019. A lot has changed in 6 months.

Today, I was still searching “TRYP” and “TRYP Rides”, even though I went ahead and upgraded to Influencer last Friday. The reason is because I want to be as informed as possible when speaking to anyone about this seemingly “to good to be true” opportunity.

In searching Google again, I stumbled on this video entitled:

Tryp The Untold Truth Q and A

I started watching and then had to pause the video to write this blog post. Ten minutes in, and the information is compelling and exciting. I know this is GOOD STUFF you will want and need to hear because I’m calling this the “official” History and Vision of TRYP from CMO, David Motta

I do not know the man who hosted this Q&A and have never watched any of his videos before. But I have been listening to David Motta since May 9th on the TRYP corporate Zoom conferences that happen live every Thursday at 9PM Eastern.

Anyone who signs up for free as a rider creates their own referral ID and gives their referral ID when requesting to join the TRYP Rides – Official Group on Facebook to participate in those conferences, ask questions and get more information.

Side Note:

What’s interesting about finding and watching that video today is that just the other day, I received The Rideshare Guy‘s blog post “Here’s What Our Dream Rideshare Company Would Look Like”

I remember thinking I couldn’t possibly drive for that ‘dream rideshare’ when I read 3 words in this paragraph:

Drivers will all go through a one-week training program.  In this course, drivers will be taught how to properly prepare their car for driving, items to provide, music to play. Drivers will also be trained in passenger interaction so to provide the best driving experience and best opportunity to earn a generous tip.

Any idea which 3 words? If you don’t know me, then let me say without apology, NO ONE is going to teach me what “music to play”. It’s not going to happen.

The music I listen to while driving can be danced to and allows me to softly sing along. I play music that has been the sound track of my life, and it helps keep me from being bored or sleepy while driving. Plus MY music puts me in a happy place while maintaining my sanity during Atlanta’s traffic.

If I play anything soothing, like Jazz, or anything without lyrics, or whatever “music” a rider might like, it’s either going to put me to sleep OR, it’s not going to be a pleasant drive for me. PERIOD.

My stance is this . . . Everything about the car belongs to the driver, including the music. IF a rider wants to hear something in particular, then my best suggestion is to be sure to bring your earbuds or headphones and rock on to your groove while I groove to what makes my body move. 🙂

Actually, my riders enjoy my music choices and often let me know.

But I digress . . .

In all seriousness, if anyone tells you about TRYP or you want more information, and you come across any RECENT information (like from the last month or two) that contradicts what the CMO, David Motta states in the video above, please let me know.

I’m still looking for the red flags and haven’t found any yet, so I’m going forward with looking for drivers and riders who want a BETTER rideshare experience.

Personally, TRYP Rides appears to be building a BETTER platform on behalf of drivers and will actually go live when cities have X number of riders and X drivers ready to roll.

So, I’m looking for help in getting the word out. Would that be YOU? All you have to do is sign up for a free rider account yourself, and then share your referral ID with others. That’s all you have to do. Oh, and share this blog post too, please. 🙂

Thanking you in advance for your interest, time and support. My goal is help others like myself move beyond “Driving for Dollars Daily”.

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