ATL! Where You At?!

Registering Interested Drivers

We are Drivers and Influencers/Brand Ambassadors looking for drivers and riders who want a BETTER rideshare experience, and anyone else looking to earn some extra money.

We are actively recruiting drivers and this set up was on August 10, 2019 in the parking area of the La Quinta Inn, next to the Racetrac, on Virginia Avenue.

Between the wind, street noises and my phone, the sound quality is not great at the beginning, but it gets better.
Remember, we are professional drivers, not live video gurus.
Stick with our message anyway to get the information you NEED to know.

Listen carefully to the No-Brainer Breakdown of What TRYP is offering YOU!

And you’re welcome to grab your calculator or phone to figure out: How Much Do YOU Want to Earn?

Between the wind, street noises and my phone, the sound quality is not great at the beginning, but it gets better.
So stick and stay to get the information you NEED to know.

As interested people walk up to our team’s tent, we have a conversation with them about the benefits of joining our TRYP team.

Riders and the non-rideshare public can help launch TRYP Rides in Atlanta by simply signing up for a free account for more information. Come Join Us!

We plan to be in several Metro Atlanta locations every chance we get after the Miami Live Launch.

And we will be in Miami streaming live Thursday, August 15th through Sunday, August 18th when the first TRYPsters’ wheels start rolling, taking riders on The Ride YOU Prefer!

Videos from Miami

EVERYONE’s Mission Should Be to SHARE Your Referral ID/Link OR the TRYP Rides App Far and Wide!

After you register for free, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you read all that has been written for your benefit.

TRYP “Nation” is Coming for Uber and Lyft Drivers Who Want & DESERVE BETTER!

I’ve done the due diligence for you.

How much do YOU want to earn when someone YOU referred takes a TRYP Ride and YOU receive $.40 for every ride, for life?

Join Us, Learn and Make a Decision

Drivers, have you LOOKED at your monthly and annual numbers? I looked at mine and show you.

And with less than a week 3 days from the Live Launch, ANYONE can help promote the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Live Launch of TRYP Rides and earn 30% of tickets sold through your own affiliate link. Here’s mine:

TRYP Rides Business Presentation and Comp Plan

Doing Rideshare Better with Education-Part 1

Doing Rideshare Better with Education-Part 2

If you wish to reach out to me, I AM . . . Anita Johnson . . . Netlady and my Facebook page is

However, it’s better to schedule a Let’s Talk session at

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