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$5/Day for 100% of Your Fares

A few months back, I stumbled across a presentation about the Early Bird Promotion that end August 17th. I commented on the excellence of breaking it down so anyone can understand, but what caught my attention the most was a figure I hadn’t looked at before.

Since that time, things have changed A LOT, so I’m updating this post with the correct figure of $5, rather than the $7 mentioned in the video (when the Unlimited Plan was $199.99/month instead of the NEW price of $149.99) Just listen, it might help someone better understand.

SO, Drivers . . . If I could show you a way to earn 100% of your fares, tips, wait and cancellation fees, for LESS THAN $5 A DAY, would you sign up for THAT?

Who do you know who would like to participate in building a BETTER rideshare experience?

Drivers and Riders and YOU are ALL welcome!

Download the Rider App TODAY!

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