$7/Day for 100% of Your Fares

Still in due diligence mode, I stumbled across a presentation about the Early Bird Promotions that will likely end August 17th. I commented on the excellence of breaking it down so anyone can understand, but what caught my attention the most was a figure I hadn’t looked at before.

SO, Drivers . . . If I could show you a way to earn 100% of your fares, tips, wait and cancellation fees, for LESS THAN $7 A DAY, would you sign up for THAT?

Early Bird Promotion Ending SOON!

This is the Early Bird Promotion presentation from another TRYP Influencer, Kimuyu

She broke it down and explained how YOU can benefit by getting on board TODAY!

Who do you know in the South Florida area who would like to participate in the launch of TRYP?

Drivers and Riders and YOU all are welcome!

Details of Early Bird Promotion

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